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qq群卖重庆时时彩:Nord Fund: Strategic purchase of medical insurance will drive the value of drugs to revolution

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内容摘要: 2017 Basic MedicalInsuranceThe total income of the fund is 1.8 trillion yuan, and the expenditure is 1.4 trillion yuan, up 37.0% and 33.9% ...

2017 Basic Medical Insurance The total income of the fund is 1.8 trillion yuan, and the expenditure is 1.4 trillion yuan, up 37.0% and 33.9% respectively over the previous year. At the end of the year, the basic medical insurance pooling fund has accumulated 1.3 trillion yuan, and the medical insurance for the pharmaceutical market The impact is obvious. The newly established National Medical Insurance Bureau will play the role of a strategic purchaser in the future, and actively establish a payment concept of quality respect and technical awe, driving drug innovation and quality improvement.

Strategic purchase of medical insurance is expected to be carried out at three levels: to increase the performance of funds purchased by the medical insurance group, to win the quality, to lead the value orientation of the pharmaceutical quality system; to be compatible with symbiosis, to build a coordinated, healthy and innovation-driven development in the future. pattern.

First, emphasize higher quality and valued health care purchase goals. Medical insurance should regard the quality of medicines as the primary basis for medical insurance payments. The quality management is embedded in the evaluation indicators to form a strong incentive for interest.

Secondly, use the strategic thinking of future investment to strengthen the direction of medical insurance purchase. For products and technologies with extremely high clinical innovation value, the comprehensive balance fund purchasing ability establishes the inquiry mechanism purchased by the group, and the clinically urgently needed drugs are included in the medical insurance catalogue through the negotiation mechanism to improve the accessibility of the drugs.

The 2017 National Health Insurance Negotiation can be seen as a systematic attempt and successful practice to fully reflect the value-oriented purchase of medical insurance strategies. Specifically:

First, establish value-oriented medical insurance drug demand. Taking the patient as the center and taking the clinical as the benchmark, we will clearly define the demand for medical insurance for “filling the gap, selecting the best, supporting innovation, and encouraging competition”.

Second, introduce social consultation and adhere to the rule first. In the negotiation of national medical insurance drug admission and payment standards, the legal norms and operational procedures of the whole process have been set up in the concept of social negotiation, group purchase, and equal negotiation, so that the rules can be followed and tested by each participating negotiator. Traceable code of conduct.

Third, to demonstrate the scientific value with professionalism, to understand the deviation by data consumption. In order to support the negotiation, the pharmaco pharmacy evaluation team and the medical insurance big data evaluation group were set up by clinical pharmacy experts and social security management experts respectively, and independent research reports were provided.

In addition to the significance of institutional exploration, the national medical insurance negotiation is of epoch-making significance for improving the level of clinical drug use in China, reducing the burden on patients, and promoting the innovation and development of enterprises. Take the domestic innovative drug, sidaben, as an example, the drug is used to treat patients with T-cell lymphoma (PTCL), and the monthly cost is more than 26,000 yuan. According to the negotiated medical insurance payment standard and the inclusion of medical insurance payment, the burden required is reduced by 23,000 yuan, less than the original 15%. As far as companies are concerned, the inclusion of health insurance means a broad market prospect, and the benefits of growth can offset the loss of price cuts.

In summary, we believe that with the establishment of the positioning of medical insurance policy buyers, the future pharmaceutical market will usher in a deeper restructuring. Some of the vested interests represented by antibiotics and auxiliary drugs will be suppressed for a long time, and some products may be forced to withdraw from the market; and some high-quality and innovative drugs that meet the rigid requirements of clinical drugs will stand out. In addition, the current implementation of generic drug consistency evaluation and innovative drug green review system also provides institutional guarantee for the above products from the supply side. Looking ahead, we need to focus on companies with innovative R\u0026D capabilities and standard market agent export capabilities.





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